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These are Frequently Asked Questions

1. What's the minimum number of nominations that you want in one category? - As many noms as recieved
2. Are you going to give runner ups automatically, or will you give it because the story deserves it? - Well I people vote so lets say the long category if one person had 10 votes and smoeone else hd 9 then the 9 is runner up if two people have 9 then i read and make the final desision.
3. What will be the penalty for nominating a story in the wrong place?
There is no penalty I will just delete the nomination
4. Can an author have more than one story nominated in the same category?
Yes they can
5. How many times can a fic be nominated? What about the author?
A fic can be nominated as many times as possible, if a fic is nominated for the same cat twice then it will only be put in once.
6. Will you delete a nomination if the URL isn't correct?
Well, first I will see if I can find the right link and if I get to a dead end then it will be deleted.
7. Will you keep the awards up for a lengthy amount of time, or do they have a certain period to get it?
No, I will leave awards up as long as I possibly can and the authors will be emialed if they win.
8. Do you want to give a certain password for every round, so you know which ones have read the rules?
Yes, I will and the new one will be put in the rules page. If someoen does not give the password the nomination will be deleted.

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