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1. There is no minimum to the amount of the categories for a story to be voted on-though it would be better to have at least two nominations.
2. Runner ups are given along with winners; it's all up to the readers, the voters.
3. If your story is nominated in the wrong place, it will be deleted, no questions asked. At all.
4. You can be nominated more than once in a category, but do not abuse the privilege. More then two or three times is more than a little overboard.
5. Have Fun. You are allowed to nominate yourself and you do so in as many cats as you see fit. Your fic can be nominated in every single category, as long as it actually fits there.
6. Nominations will not be automatically deleted if not exactly correct, but no one is going to spend hours trying to find the fic. It's in your best interest to get it right the first time. So, please provide all information when nominating. If you don't know the authors email simply say you don't know then I can take care of it. But You HAVE TO KNOW the authors name, thats essential. You also MUST KNOW the story link.
7. Awards will remain up as long as possible, and authors will be emailed about them. this, of course, doesn't mean that you can wait a few months to pick it up. So don't.
8. If you read the rules, you should know that "Mudblood" is the password of this round. Please put it in the comments box under the nomination form; it shows me that you have read the rules. If you do not have it then the nomination will be deleted, sadly, and I don't like doing that, so please just read the rules.

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