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These are all the nominees so far. When Nominating Ends you all can come and vote.

Smut -

Agnst -

Heart of Ice by Dreaming One

Fluff -

The Dowry of a Single Galleon by Bunney

Long -

The God of Lost by Gravidy

Short -

The Bet by Nvr2Blonde

Completed -

UnCompleted -

The Ends of the Earth by SilverStar24

Most Creative -

The Dowry of a Single Galleon by Bunney

Hermione POV-

Draco POV -

I Hate You Hermione by Firefly's Locket

Baby Fic-

Virgin -

Best PG -

Best Author -





Best Comedy -

They Woke Up Married by Stabaroushda

The Legend of Guilly Granger by Priah

Ponitlessly Random and Unrelated Title by Cyropi

Best Action/Adventure -

Retrest, Act 1:Occupation by Andreas

Security by IceHeart161

Judges Choice -

Heartwrenching -

Must Be by Oblivious_Trace

Basketcase by Attica

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