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Category Descriptions

All Categorys and what they mean.

Smut - A story that has the best Smut scenes
Agnst - The most angsty (emotionally wrenching, usually anger (dosen't have to be))story
Fluff - The most bubbly, not dramatic, fluffiest story.
Long - Any story with 10 or more chapters
Short - Any story with 5 or less Chapters
Completed - Favorite Completed Story
Uncompleted - Favorited story that is still Writing In Progess
Most Creative - Story that is creative
Hermione POV- A story in Hermione point of View usually says "I" when refering to Hermione.
Draco POV - A story in Drac's POV
Baby Fic- The best fic involving a Baby
Virgin - A Fic where one or both of them are virgins.
Best PG - The best story that is rated PG
Best Author - Fav Author
Best Comedy - obvious
Best Action/Adventure - Title Explains 
HeartWrenching - A story that pulls at your heartstrings
Judges Choice -  Every Fic nominated will be read my 3-5 judges and they decide which ones are there favorite and that one will be the Judges Choice. You vote on the others.

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